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  • Timothy Garton Ash talks about Free Speech Under Attack, with David Bandurski
  • A Special Report on the Southern Hill Project reveals China's campaign targeting Hong Kong's independent publishing.
  • Mei Fong, author of One Child, writes about her struggles to get her book published in Chinese.

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Southern Hill

Timothy Garton Ash: Free Speech Under Attack

A HKILF event focusing on the worldwide threats to freedom of expression, moderated by PEN Hong Kong executive committee member, David Bandurski.
Southern Hill

The Southern Hill Project - China's Campaign Against Hong Kong's Free Media and Publishing

This special report by PEN Hong Kong reveals the history of China's official campaign against the free media and publishing of Hong Kong. Learn who is in charge, and which provinces, ministries and bureaus are involved.
Mei Fong

Mei Fong: The Last Book Seller

In a special feature for PEN Hong Kong, the author of One Childwrites about her struggles to publish her book about China's one-child policy in Chinese, and why she finally decided to fund and distribute the translated book herself.